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Whetstone Associates  provides consulting services in groundwater hydrology, geochemistry, and

hydrologic engineering to clients located throughout the U.S. and Latin America.  We develop innovative and cost

effective solutions in hydrology that are protective of the environment.  Our staff are scientists and professional

engineers with a wide range of international experience.  We specialize in multi-disciplinary projects for permitting,

construction, environmental compliance, and closure that require broad expertise in engineering, hydrology, and




Services Offered by Whetstone Associates Include:

bulletHydrologic studies for permitting and construction
bulletWater supply investigations
bulletMining hydrology, water management, and dewatering
bulletCompliance monitoring
bulletEvaluation of water resources
bulletHydrologic testing
bulletDesign of ponds and diversion structures 
bulletPit lake studies
bulletEnvironmental investigations and sampling
bulletChannel hydraulics
bulletNumerical modeling of ground water flow
bulletGeochemical characterization studies
bulletInfiltration modeling for caps and liners 
bulletGeochemical modeling
bulletClosure studies
bulletExpert witness testimony and litigation support

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