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Whetstone Associates offers geochemical consulting services

with expertise in characterization of geologic materials, monitoring

and evaluation of water quality, and modeling of aqueous systems. 

We design remedial systems for contaminated industrial sites,

hydrocarbon sites, and acid rock drainage.


Whetstone Associates  can help you develop laboratory and

field-based geochemical characterization programs for your site. 

In addition, we specialize in geochemical modeling of aqueous systems

and can develop predictive models of mining impacts to surface and

ground water, pit lake chemistry, and performance of remedial systems.

Geochemical Services


Water quality sampling and evaluation

bulletDesign of geochemical characterization programs
bulletEquilibrium geochemical modeling of aqueous systems
bulletGeochemical testing (acid-base accounting, humidity cell,
column, NMWMT, SPLP, TCLP, and batch tests)
bulletHydrocarbon sampling and remediation
bullet Partitioning studies/ Kd/Koc testing
bulletPit lake studies
bulletEvaluation and reporting of water quality data
bullet Environmental fate and transport modeling
bulletAcid rock drainage studies
bulletDesign of water quality monitoring networks
bulletPreparation of permitting and QA/QC documents
bulletSampling for baseline studies and regulatory compliance

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