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Whetstone Associates develops ground water investigations

for feasibility studies, construction projects, water supply,  permitting,

 regulatory compliance, closure of facilities and site remediation.

Our experience ranges from initial site investigations for feasibility

studies to closure planning for decommissioned facilities.  We also

specialize in mining hydrology, water quality monitoring, water supply,

and in the preparation of permitting documents.. 


Groundwater Services


Feasibility studies

bulletGround water studies for permitting
bulletBaseline studies
bulletDesign and installation of water supply well fields
bulletPermeability testing  
bulletDewatering and and water management for mining
bulletDesign and installation of grout curtains
bulletNumerical modeling of seepage for for tailings facilities,
leach pads, and waste rock dumps
bulletNumerical modeling of ground water flow and
contaminant transport
bulletGround water monitoring and reporting
bulletDesign and installation of monitoring networks
bulletPit lake studies
bulletHydrologic studies for closure planning
bulletPreparation of NEPA and NPDES documents
bulletDesign of ground water remediation systems
bulletCompliance sampling

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Whetstone Associates has extensive experience preparing, calibrating, and defending numerical ground water flow and contaminant transport models.  We have developed numerous models for water supply, mine dewatering, evaluation of remedial design, determination of probable impacts, and permitting support.  We employ state of the art modeling techniques and statistical analysis, and can provide high quality graphics for litigation support, public meetings, and presentations.


We also develop unsaturated flow models to evaluate infiltration for cap/liner systems associated with landfills, hazardous waste sites, leach pads, waste rock dumps and reclaimed facilities.  We use a variety of modeling codes including HELP3, UNSAT-H, Soil Cover, and VS2D and can tailor the modeling approach to fit the requirements of your site. 

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